Terms and Conditions

   Certificate Terms

This report in not a guarantee,warranty,evaluation or an appraisal,but contain the characteristic ovf the gems/jewelry descibed here in which has been graded,tested,examined analyesd by MGTL UDAIPUR carefully with specialized instruments, under 10x magnification including fully corrected triplet loupe,binocularmicroscope ,colour master stone comparsion,electronic carat balance and ancillary instruments as necessary.This report does not indicate whether stone, gems/jewelry has been treated and not to its present colour by any process what so ever unless otherwise specified.

This report is based on subjective options.MGTL UDAIPUR or any member of its staff is not liable for any discrepancy which may result from the application of other grading method. This report is provied on the request of the customerand/owner of the gems/jewelry or the report itslef.Any claim by the customer or client or any person for damageto the gem/jewelry, or damage resulting directly or in directly from this reporty, the liability of MGTL UDAIPUR shall be limited to the amout it receicves as fee,in connections with this report.By making this report MGTL UDAIPUR does not agree to purchase or replace the gems.MGTL UDAIPUR is not responsible ffor application of any kind of treatment or enhancement done after the stone,gems/jewelry has left our premises.All matters,dispute or references subject to uadipur jurisdiction.


MGTL Terms & Conditions


  • MGTL will not be held responsible/liable for any type of claims regarding piece/product change after the submission or at the time of the delivery. Honesty is at utmost priority here. if you have any queries, you can call us or email us. We urge not to send/use our services in case of any doubts. We are keen to serve serious clients only.
  • The product may break/get destroyed during the testing process. Though we take utomst care, but if may happen in extereme circumstances or by mistake if any. We will not replace/pay or reimburse for type of loss. This risk is not covered by us. Thus you are requested to be cautious before submitting the product.
  • outstation / Overseas clients can send their Gemstones, Diamond, Peral or Rudraksha for Lab Test and Certification at our corresponding address mentioned on the website along with an email mentioning your name, address, telephone, mobile and email id. Testing Fees and shipping Charges should be paid in advance by western union/ Money Gram/ Xoom. We will send back your product (Gemstones, Diamond, Pearl or Rudraksha) along with the certification in approx 1-2 weeks on the adress mentioned in the corresponding email.
  • We can deliver the product by the mode of couried. For overseas/ insterstate/ intercity clients product will be couriered / shipped after testing along with the certification.
  • "On Request" Certificate indicate the enhancement / treatment done on a stone on the said date and time.
  • If the Gems/Diamonds/Peral/Rudraksha or the product submitted is found fake/counterfeie/forged/altered/manipulated/created/artificial/synthetic/not up to the marks/ not up to our quality standards, We will just mention "NOT UPTO THE MARKS AND HAS FAILED OUR QUALITY TESTS" in the product certification. Please make sure that you have read all the clauses and conditions regarding the same.
  • All domestic, national and international deliveries will be routed through IPS/TNT/DHL/FedEx.
  • Domestic : As per the norms of courier company.
  • International : As per the norms of courier company.
  • Neithere we are responsible for any losses or damages occurring in transit, our of natural calamities, thefts, antisocial/criminal activities or any other kind of mishap nor will we indemnify the customer for such losses and specimens, certificates or reports not collected after seven days from the date of issue of certificated
  • Only the certificates carrying registered Hologram                     Will be considered true and genuinely issued by MGTL.
  • submitting specimen at our facility in person/by carrier/post or courier will imply that the customer/clients has read and understood our all terms and conditions regarding, testing ,responsibility, reporting & certification and the customer/ client accepts them in full.